Flybrid Systems are working with a number of OEM car makers including Jaguar and Volvo to develop flywheel hybrid systems for road cars. Available in a range of power and storage levels these systems are suitable for application to vehicles in all classes from small city cars to full size saloon cars and SUVs.  

Road car systems typically feature:

  • A design life of 250,000 kms with no performance degradation
  • A better cost / benefit ratio than electric hybrid systems
  • Optimised KERS transmission based on either CVT or CFT technology
  • Bespoke Flybrid developed vacuum, oil and hydraulic pumps to reduce parasitic losses
  • Powerful clutches to allow launch of the vehicle from rest under flywheel power alone with the engine turned off
  • Fully automatic control systems that react to normal vehicle control pedal movements and require no additional inputs from the driver
  • Packaging space similar to just the motor of an electric hybrid system
These are full hybrid systems capable of kinetic energy recovery but also able to store energy when the vehicle is not braking in order to optimise the engine operating efficiency. The systems can also drive the car with the engine turned off and boost performance in addition to the engine to aid engine downsizing. Using optimised strategies CO2 and fuel consumption savings of over 18% has been demonstrated on the NEDC test cycle and more than 22% has been demonstrated in real world conditions (quoted savings include the benefit of stop / start technology).

These road car systems have been demonstrated in a number of different vehicles around the world and are now being readied for volume production.  

The Flybrid® 9013 hybrid system as fitted to the Jaguar XF demonstrator

To find out more about Flybrid KERS, please visit the Torotrak Group website.