Flybrid Automotive Limited has recently been purchased by Torotrak PLC. To find out more about the new Group, visit the Torotrak website.

After the two founders of Flybrid invested their own money to establish the business in 2007, they were able to develop a working demonstration KERS system at an exceptional pace, and in just 12 months they progressed from first thoughts to fully working hardware. The company continues to develop the technology to provide further enhancements and in the process continues to secure key intellectual property.The company has applied for over 50 patents around the world and more than half of these are already fully granted.

The company now offers a full service including design, manufacture, assembly, development and support of the KERS device in the field. They are equipped with the latest tools including Catia design software and develop their own test equipment for many of the specialised testing tasks.

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